Gigantes Dry Giant Beans by The Mediterranean Way 16oz

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16.00 Ounces
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Cultivation area: Kastoria Lake, Kastoria Prefecture, Northwest Greece         

Cultivation: In one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, in Kastoria, our Gigantes dry Elephant beans are grown and are some of the biggest Gigantes because of it's soil. The area offers a perfect ecosystem with top quality soil and excellent climatic conditions for growing beans at an altitude of 650m to 700m. The soil is considered to be ideal with balanced pH and good drainage of the terrain. Farmers in their small farms, follow traditional cultivation methods with lot of manual work during the whole process of growing.

Characteristics: The Gigantes Elephantes Beans from Kastoria is a Greek variety of high quality, thin-skinned and very easy to prepare (short boiling time), thanks to the unique combination of microclimate, soil composition and traditional farming techniques used. It is distinguished by the relatively large size of beans, their reniform shape and white colour. 

Tasting notes: They are soft and smooth. They have such a rich and full taste that they are delicious even plain, without any kind of sauce. 

Gigantes and elephantes giant beans from the Kastoria region of Greece are recognized by the European Union as products of Protected Geographic Indication (PGI).  Like French appellations for wine, PGI designations identify foods grown in unique regions that have special qualities and characteristics worthy of appreciation and protection.