Greek Thyme Honey with Pure Edible 24K Gold Flakes

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8.82 Ounces
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Stayia farm is a small family-owned organic farm on the island of Evia located in central Greece.  They produce healthy organic food, free from any chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or insecticides.   They believe in keeping their plants and soil organic as nature intended.   We invite you to taste the difference from this little piece of paradise.

This unique honey is a blend of raw, organic Greek thyme honey made from organic farming and 24K pure edible Gold flakes.  This is currently the only producer in the world of Honey with Edible Gold!  

In Greece, the best honey comes from the blossoms of Thyme.  Hippocrates praised both the nutritional and therapeutic value of honey, and used it both as food and as medicine.  This thyme honey, the purest in Greece, is combined with 24 carat gold flakes, which is the highest purity of gold.  According to the ancient alchemist concepts, gold possesses legendary powers which contribute to a long and vital life.