L'Epicurien French Pistachio Curd 11.3oz

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11.30 Ounces
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This French curd has a unique flavor and is a real treat!  Use as the filling between a layer cake or spread on a pastry.  Or simply mix it onto into Greek Yogurt or oatmeal for a delicious unique sensation!  

L'epicurien is a skilled producer of Mediterranean traditional jams, fruit spreads and curds.  Located the village of le Bosc in the Languedoc region, close to Montpellier. Thanks to this perfect situation between the Mediterranean sea coast and the first Cevennes mountains, they benefit from the deeply anchored traditions of a very rich and diversified region that produces a bounty of fruits and vegetables. There jams are prepared à l'ancienne, the inheritance of old French traditions combined with only the best fruits, and the creativity and skill of Bernard Gulvout. For l'Epicurien, a first choice jam means the perfect blend between fleshy fruits meticulously selected and pure cane sugar. L'Epicurien cooks the fruit and sugar slowly in open cauldrons and the deep and rich colors of the fruits and their rich flavors are maintained.