Loison Regal Chocolate Cream Panettone in Box 2.2LB

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35.25 Ounces
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Today, Loison finds its strength in its ancient family trade and history: the international success of its many  confections lies in combining the art and quality, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, experience and innovation – just like a Panettone is made. The secret of this cake lies in both the quality of the ingredients and the time spent making it. The carefully selected ingredients enhance the fragrance of Loison’s confections and their flavors remain etched in one’s memory, recalling traditional and genuine products.

The classic Pastry Panettone features a low shape and is made according to an ancient Milanese recipe. This fragrant cake has a top cross-cut by hand, a soft texture and is enriched with raisins, candied peels of Sicilia oranges and of cedro (citron) from Diamante, Calabria. This Panettone features luxurious Chocolate.

The century-old processes of natural rising and gradual cooling ensure that the product remains fresh and fragrant over time. Artisan pastry making cannot be rushed: time is needed to exalt and skillfully combine delicate flavors full of history. It is the art of transforming tradition into quality.

Try this award winning Panettone and discover why it is considered one of the best in the world.