Miguel & Valentino Spicy Spanish Gordal Olives 13.05oz

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13.05 Ounces
$3.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
These large, oval-shaped green olives with purple tones are otherwise known as the “Queen’s Olives”… and after all, the Queen only demands, and deserves, the best!
More mature and sweet in flavor than a standard green olive, these spicy gordal olives have a meaty texture and low oil content. When harvested, they are hand cracked so that the blend of peppers, herbs, and spices can be better absorbed into their skin. With no artificial preservatives or coloring, there is no excuse to stop indulging in these bite size olives that pack a spicy punch! Available in jars (pasteurized) and in buckets (non-pasteurized) to preserve their natural flavor and texture.
Miguel & Valentino was started in 1995 by Migueal Puig of Barcelona (Spain) and his family. Miguel realized that the wonderful culinary products of Spain were being overlooked in the specialty market. Miguel & Valentino prides itself in supporting local growing cooperatives and purchasing artisan produced products that help keep alive the true Spanish culture.