Oro Bianco Savitar Italian White Truffle Must 100ML

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3.40 Ounces
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Also known as white gold, oro biano is a chef's darling, there's no question that white truffles have a unique aroma, and a sublime yet delicate taste.  Use them over risotto or mashed potatoes, add a little to your cream or buttery pasta.   

This Oro Bianco Tartufo Bianco is from a small Tuscan Truffle master in Italy, Savitar.  With generations of using traditional methods for making exquisite truffle products in Italy, Savitar's White Truffle Must does not disappoint.  
Made with wine vinegar, apple juice, and includes a piece of the best Italian White Truffle, this must can be used on salads, over risotto, with mashed potatoes or in creams or to bring that sublime white truffle taste to your pasta dishes.